Copper Jug Water Pitcher

Copper Jug (Water Pitcher) - Made with 100% Pure Copper

Ayurveda is the science of life, but it is a science within a much broader science of the entire Cosmos. As human beings we are microcosms of the greater Cosmos and as such our composition and operation follows from the same principles and elements that the Cosmos does. As in the external world, healing metals primary internal operation is in the electro-magnetic plane to bring clarity and balance to particular doshic imbalances. Copper has general purifying properties, and is used to clarify electrolyte imbalances and resulting toxin retention problems in the excretory, gastro-intestinal, and lymphatic systems of the body, and other problems within the kidneys, liver, spleen, and lymph nodes. It has been used to treat obesity, edema, and anemia which are results of ion and osmotic imbalance in these and other organs. Copper has further been used to treat respiratory ailments such as asthma which Ayurveda understands to stem from a kapha imbalance within the gastro-intestinal system. Generally, copper helps to restore balance to the retention and flow of water within the body, and consequently is used to treat conditions where there is an excess build-up of water or toxins. Copper is administered in ion form through the use of copper jugs and goblets.

Our copper jug is hand-crafted at the base of the Himalaya in the valley of Uttar Pradesh in India. It bears a beautiful shape and comes with a handle to facilitate ease of use. Though many copper artifacts will often include sizable amounts of iron and tin, our products are made of the finest quality copper and are ensured to be 99.99% pure copper. This is important detail as purity guarantees efficacy.

Directions for use are as follows:

1) Fill Copper Jug with water before going to bed, cover it, and leave water in the vessel overnight as you sleep.

2) Upon waking, before eating or brushing, drink the water stored in the copper vessel.

These are the only two simple steps one needs to follow to utilize the natural and universal purifying effects of copper. Drink well, and be healthy!

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Copper Jug Water Pitcher

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