Kadai en cuivre (karahi) et son réchaud (Sigri)

Copper Kadai (Karahi) & Sigri Set

Made with 100% Pure finest copper and crafted with a lot of labor this is perfect for heating/warming oils ayurvedically before giving massage.

As per ayurvedic principles oils should not be heated in a microwave as it destroys the biological aspect of the oils. It is also useful for shallow or deep frying of meat (Karahi Chicken), Paneer (Karahi Paneer), potatoes, sweets, and snacks such as samosa and fish, and for simmering of stews.




  Diameter Length Depth Weight
Karahi 5.8 Inch 6.7 Inch 2 Inch 260 gm
Sigri 4.5 Inch   2.4 Inch 286 gm

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Copper Kadai (Karahi) & Sigri Set

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  • Copper Kadai (Karahi) & Sigri Set

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